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The Imaginative Me

About ME

Thank you so much for stopping by my website! The Imaginative ME is a boutique design studio specializing in complete brand and website development. We are in the Business of Ideas. I am Rachael, the designer and editor behind The Imaginative Me. I come from a Business and Design background and truly believe in the use of beautiful lines and letters along side the perfect color pairings. I embrace each and every client I take on and always look to create something new and imaginative while capturing the unique quality and personality of my clienteles independent expression. I am also fortunate enough to work  with a great team, together we create for you amazing designs!

Aside from building brands,  I am also the owner of  Wood + Feather Designs, where I am able to design and build all things charming, wonderful, and lovely!  Check us out at WOODANDFEATHERDESIGNS.COM